On Monday 5th December myself, Matt and Chloe presented our  blue nun project to the rest of our group. I feel although there were areas our presentation could have been improved overall it went quite well as we had a good response from the rest of the group.

Areas i feel i could have done better –

I feel that when it was my time to speak i rushed what i had to say which was purely down to feeling nervous when speaking to a group of people. This is something i have to improve and become comfortable doing because i will need to present work to various clients throughout my career but i do feel i will become more comfortable doing so the more i present my work to groups of people. Another area i feel i could improve on was talking about my pre production. After hearing some of the other groups presentations i felt the groups that discussed how they got to there idea made people understand why there design was the way it was which in my eyes left less room for criticism. The next time i present my work i will make sure i have my pre production to show so i can further explain my reasons and decisions i made in order to get to my final design.

Areas i felt we did well –

I feel the strongest part to our presentation was the fact we had the logos on the bottles to hand around so people could get a feel for what it would look like on the bottle itself. The feedback that we got from doing this was also really good so if i were asked to do something similar to this again i would make sure i had something to give to the client that he could hold. Another thing i feel we did well  was our structure to our whole project. I feel it was good that we all followed the same brief but went about the designs in our own style.

If we were to do this project again i would make sure we did filled all areas we were happy with but also everything we felt we could of done to make our presentation better. With regards to my work from the feedback i will alter my website layout to make it more appealing, one thing i will do to make it more appealing will be to add a background to my webpages.


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