The Mobile Internet And The Smartphone

The mobile internet is essentially the internet but when accessed from a mobile device like a smartphone. The development of smartphone technology has happened so fast and is still improving today. It is the huge demand and popularity of smartphones and other mobile devices that has encouraged the innovation and evolution of mobile web technology. Experts have said that mobile devices will soon surpass computers as the most popular way for people to access the internet which is something i also believe, i mean why bother worry about getting home to check your bank or order a new shirt when you can do it by simply taking your phone out of your pocket?  The history of the mobile web can be traced back to over ten years ago, but development has exploded in recent years.


The introduction of the smartphone stamped the beginning in a important shift it web development and mobile device technology. Smartphones essentially used a number of devices into the single product. It served as a mobile cellular telephone and a personal digital assistant. Today it is also used as an mp3 player, web browser, navigation system and a number of other things. And although smartphones have had the challenge of smaller screen sizes and slower download speeds, now have evolved into real computing machines capable of performing up to the standards of some computers.

Above is the IBM Simon and todays iphone 4


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